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Institutional film

Sharing of my image bank shot with Energy Observer for the production of this film

In the midst of troubled times, the Foundation that I created in 1990 is turning a corner. The milestone of 30 years. 30 years during which we have seen a marginal question turn into a stake of civilization. 30 years that we have tried to bring together, to synthesize in a short film that we are happy to share with you today. This film is also and above all an opportunity for the Foundation to open the door to the future. Because far from resigning ourselves, we will continue our action in favor of a more equitable world, more united, more respectful of living things. Overcoming blockages, providing precise answers to major ecological and social questions, supporting young people who are taking action, this is now our leitmotif at the Foundation. We know that the next few years will be decisive, so let's spend them together to continue what we have started!

Category: Institutional film

Production: Micelium Prod

Director: Léo Leibovici

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