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Ushuaïa TV - 52 ′ Documentary Film

1 month of filming on the island of Spildra in Norway - Camera operator, Drone remote pilot, Sound engineer and DIT Data Manager

Morgan Bourc'his, a world freediving champion pessimistic about the extent of human damage to the planetary ecosystem, joins northern Norway in search of reconnection with the wild world. In his search for an ideal encounter with orcas and whales, he sets out to meet those who share the lives of these animals. This intimate odyssey will lead him to a new state of mind in which humans, enlightened by an “integrative” vision of nature can develop a virtuous relationship with the whole of the living world.


Category: Documentary

Production: Bluearth Production in co-production with Whipped Sea and Ushuaïa TV

Broadcaster: Ushuaia TV

Director: Jean-Charles Granjon
Technical resources: RED Gemini in box, Drone and DJI Stabilizer, Panasonic and Sony DSLR, Canon C200, Mixette Zoom F8

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